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5 EASIEST WAY TO GET ⭐: Customers simply scan the QR or use NFC to access your Google review page and leave their review INSTANT: Make it easier for happy customers to tell the world how great your service is was good, it can attract more sales!


The key ring is made of recto / verso epoxy resin material, resistant to water and UV rays.


SIMPLE INSTALLATION: It will take less than 5 minutes to configure your key fob.


Perfect for craftsmen, salespeople, delivery people, home hairdressers, etc...


  • Thanks to our innovative concept, the configuration of your Google Avis plate will be done by you from the first use (all you have to do is enter the name of your company as well as the postal address and the plate will be configured).

    Recommendations for use: the plates can be glued on all supports (glass, pvc, wood, composite) except metal support (aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc.)

  • Find our return and refund policy in article 11 of our general conditions of sale:

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